Rams rookie got a face tattoo so he wouldn’t have to work a normal job ever again

09/02/2014 at 8:23 am By

hi-res-Preview_crop_exactSometimes people have strange methods to motivate themselves…

St. Louis Rams rookie defensive end (no, not THAT one) Ethan Westbrooks has revealed that the reason behind his interesting placement of a tattoo was as a way to keep him focused on playing football instead of working a regular 9-5:

Westbrooks was working at a Toys ‘R’ Us in Sacramento while playing football and going to school at Sacramento City Junior College. He didn’t like the job and decided when he quit that he had no intention of working a normal job again. So he went searching for a way to push himself to attain that goal. Somehow, he decided there was no better way to do that than to have a reminder staring him in the face every time he looked in the mirror.

‘I was just like I might as well go ahead and get it on the face because if nothing else, it will help motivate me to either be a guy that has a tattoo on his face looking for another job or hopefully I make it in the NFL and don’t have to work too hard to do something (else),’ Westbrooks said. ‘I don’t feel it’s a bad thing now. I don’t regret it. It speaks for itself.’

Well, alright. Apparently the method worked, as the undrafted rookie earned himself a spot on the Rams 53-man roster and has the chance to be a rotation player on the Rams D-Line. Some believe Westbrooks’ emergence played a part in Michael Sam not making the final roster.

Westbrooks motivational tactic may not have been ideal, but it proved to be exactly what the young man needed to reach his goal. As the old saying goes, different strokes for different folks.


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  1. Frank

    on 09/03/2014 - Reply

    Yeah! Wouldn’t want you “too hard” !! LOL!!
    F*cking piece of S*it!!

    People with regular jobs are who buy the over-inflated tickets to see you play! Well,not me at least. I think you’re all over paid left over high school glory hounds!

  2. Frank

    on 09/03/2014 - Reply

    Didn’t all print! Wouldn’t want you to work ” too hard ”

    Guess even the comments don’t want to work too hard LOL!

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