Magic Johnson thinks Los Angeles will have NFL team within next two years

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628x471The city of Los Angeles has been without an NFL franchise to call their own since the mid-90’s, when both the Raiders and Rams left town for Oakland and St. Louis, respectively.

NBA Hall of Famer turned business mogul Magic Johnson, who was in attendance at the Raiders-Cowboys joint practice Tuesday in nearby Oxnard, believes the city will have another franchise in the very near future.

“I think for the first time, I truly believe we’re going to get a team. Finally,” Johnson said via Yahoo! Sports.

“Everybody is on board. The city is on board. The business community is on board. The NFL is on board. Finally we have momentum. In the next couple years, at least in the next 24 months, I think one team will be coming. I don’t know what team that will be, but I believe in the next two years we’ll have a team.”

Johnson also stated that he would welcome the Raiders back to L.A., which is a possibility with the Raiders needing a new stadium in Oakland.

“It would be great to have the Raiders back in LA, I would love for that to happen. But that’s going to be up to Mark and the Raiders and the NFL. But I would love to have the Raiders back in LA, where they belong. We just want a team, we want a team in the worst way.”

Los Angeles is one of the largest markets in the U.S. It’s makes little to no sense for there not to be an NFL team there. The potential for revenue in a media market as big as Los Angeles is off the charts. The issue would be where to put a stadium and regulate L.A.’s terrible traffic scene (take it from someone who was born and raised out West) but that should be minor considering how large Los Angeles County is.

I’m in belief that Los Angeles will have an NFL team before long. Whether it’s possible for it to happen in the next 2 years as Magic predicts remains to be seen.


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