Vikings HC Mike Zimmer compares Cordarrelle Patterson’s confidence to TO, Chad Johnson

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hi-res-461414541-cordarrelle-patterson-of-the-minnesota-vikings_crop_northIf you asked Minnesota Vikings versatile wide receiver Cordarrelle Patterson, he’d tell you that he’ll be one of the top-5 playmakers in the NFL this season and Sports Illustraded apparently agrees, naming him one of their “Rising Stars”. Patterson himself relishes the praise.

“If they say it, of course I’m going to agree with them,” Patterson said Wednesday at training camp, per TwinCities.com.

That’s the type of confidence that can come across incorrectly, especially from a young receiver.

While Patterson’s confidence may come off as cocky, Vikings head coach Mike Zimmer sees no problem with it and says Patterson’s cockiness isn’t like a couple of other diva WRs he’s worked with in the past.

Zimmer was defensive coordinator for the Bengals back when they had both Chad Johnson and Terrell Owens on the roster, two of the most boastful and flamboyant receivers ever. Zimmer sees some similarities to Patterson’s confidence level, but maintains that he’s in the same league as those two.

“Honestly, it’s great,” Zimmer said. “He’s confident, but he’s not like a couple of guys we had in Cincinnati. He’s pretty respectful about it. He works hard, and he’s a young evolving player still. So I like it.”

Patterson may not (yet) be as cocky as Johnson or TO, but he’s also in only his second season and hasn’t quite established himself as a star to this point — although he did finish second in the NFL in all-purpose yards with 2020 and scored 9 touchdowns as a rookie. His cockiness may be welcomed for now, but his words are definitely reminiscent of TO and the receiver formerly known as OchoCinco. There’s a thin line between confidence and arrogance, and Patterson already appears to be tight-roping it.

Minnesota may indeed have a rising star on their hands, but hopefully his ego won’t become too inflated and he maintains a level of humility, because we’ve all seen how it played out for Owens and Johnson towards the later stages of their careers. Patterson clearly loves the spotlight, and finding that balance between extreme confidence and humility would be advised for the young playmaker.


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