Report: LeBron reaching out to free agents to join him if he leaves Miami Heat

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LeBron+James+Mike+Miller+Miami+Heat+v+Phoenix+KNaoCSoUnymlThe free agent watch focus has shifted from Carmelo Anthony to LeBron James, and we’ve done a good job here of avoiding chasing rumors. But considering the source of this latest rumor, we’re inclined to pay more attention.

Adrian Wojnarowski is reporting that James has reached out to a couple of veterans to join him wherever he signs, if he leaves Miami, that is:

Leave it to LeBron to find a way to upstage Carmelo once again — even if unintentionally — just as he’s been doing since they were drafted together in 2003.

This might be a telling indication of how seriously Lebron is considering leaving the Heat. He did something similar when he left the Cavs for Miami, and with the way the Heat were taken apart by the Spurs in the Finals it just makes sense for James to reach out to players he’s won championships with in the past.

My gut feeling is that LeBron remains in Miami for 2-3 more years, gets a couple of vets to join him there (besides josh McRoberts and Danny Granger), then goes elsewhere. I just can’t picture the young Cavaliers already with Kyrie Irving, Andrew Wiggins and others sacrificing their development as faces of the franchise to bring LeBron back.

Also if James does return to Miami, it would make sense for him to reach out to other vets just in case Chris Bosh decides to take the Houston Rockets max contract offer in favor of taking the lesser offer from the Heat. They say money isn’t everything, but Bosh already has two championships and made the biggest on-the-court sacrifice as the third wheel of the Heat’s “Big Three”. He’s due to cash in and take on a larger role once again — both factors that the Rockets can offer him.

Free agents are able to officially sign contracts at midnight 7/10, so expect things to get a lot more interesting in the very near future.


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