Marcus Smart refuses to work out for Utah Jazz

06/19/2014 at 7:35 am By

140512071021-marcus-smart-single-image-cutOklahoma State guard Marcus Smart is one of best — if not the top — point guard prospect in the 2014 NBA draft and will most likely be selected within the first seven picks in the draft. Apparently, there’s one team with a high pick Smart isn’t interested in playing for; the Utah Jazz.

Per CBS Sports:

Utah Jazz Vice President of Player Personnel Walt Perrin spoke with the Salt Lake Tribune this week at a workout for Julius Randle and revealed that they’ve been trying, unsuccessfully, to bring in Oklahoma State guard Marcus Smart for a workout.

Perrin states that the team has done substantial work on Smart and are interested in him at No. 5. When asked whether they plan to have him in for a workout, Perrin says “I’ve talked to his agent four times trying to get Marcus in,” indicating they tried and were unsuccessful.

The Jazz already have one young point guard in Trey Burke on their roster, but the 6’3″, 227-lb Smart could use his size and strength to possibly play alongside Burke in a combo guard role. But That doesn’t appear to be a role that Smart is interested in or Salt Lake City, Utah a city that Smart wants to begin his career playing for.

Smart is projected to be selected anywhere from fourth by the Orlando Magic to 7th by the Los Angeles Lakers. The Boston Celtics pick 6th, but they have Still have Rajon Rondo on their roster, for now at least.

Los Angeles could use a potential star at point guard, something the franchise has been lacking since the days of Nick Van Exel back in the mid-90’s. Maybe Smart is rolling the dice and hoping that if the Magic pass on him at 4, refusing to work out for Utah will allow the Lakers to scoop him up.


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7 Comments so far

  1. whiner smart

    on 06/19/2014 - Reply

    So you think your better than the NBA system of getting drafted Marcus???
    This attitude is not forgotten by fans and you will always be known as a whiner and prima donna.I’ll never root for you.I’m not a jazz fan either.

  2. Robert McAdam

    on 06/19/2014 - Reply

    Watch the films of his two years at OSU.

  3. ThatGuy

    on 06/19/2014 - Reply

    Just to be clear Utah is a state, not a city. Salt Lake is the city that the Jazz play in.

  4. Atz

    on 06/19/2014 - Reply

    Is SLC too white? Is Smart a recist?

    • Atz

      on 06/19/2014 - Reply


  5. Seriously?

    on 06/20/2014 - Reply

    I know it won’t happen, but it would be hilarious if the Spazz draft him just to spit in his face. Does he really think a good team is going to draft him? Retard….

  6. Frank Giannantonio

    on 07/12/2014 - Reply

    Weak. Fail. Lame.

    They talked to the agent four times, and you’ve come to the conclusion that he refuses to workout for The Jazz. Thanks for the SPAM, lazy people.

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