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Yankees pitcher Michael Pineda ejected for having pine tar on his neck against Red Sox

04/24/2014 at 6:48 am By

EyeTVSnapshot3Michael Pineda, a starting pitcher for the New York Yankees, was ejected in the second inning against the Red Sox Wednesday night after umpires found pine tar on the pitcher’s neck.

Check out this GIF of the ump finding it, via our friends over at Next Impulse Sports:



My favorite part is Pineda’s “I just got caught by my parents and I’m about to get in trouble” expression on his face. Look, we understand trying to find ways to gain an advantage over your opponent, but blatantly having a wad of pine tar –which is illegal for pitchers to use on the baseball — clearly smeared on your neck is just plain stupid. Pineda hasn’t been suspended for the incident yet, but the MLB offices are expected to slap him with a few game suspension soon enough.

Do better, Mr. Pineda. Hide the tar in your glove next time or get it from your catcher like every other pitcher does. Duh.


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