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Bobcats Al Jefferson needed two injections in injured foot, plans to play through injury

04/21/2014 at 6:35 am By

al_jefferson_injury_heatPlaying the postseason doesn’t come every season for a franchise like the Charlotte Bobcats. And with this being their first trip to the playoffs since 2010 and only their second postseason berth in 10 seasons, their best player plans to do everything he can to keep playing.

Bobcats center Al Jefferson needed not one but two shots in his foot to deal with the plantar fascia he is suffering in his left foot, and had to leave the arena in a walking boot following the 99-88 loss Sunday. But Jefferson plans to play on, despite the injury:

Jefferson said he has been through enough injuries and recoveries in his 10-year career to accept that there are some things he’s had “to suck it up and play through” and some other times when he’s had to “just be a man and say you can’t go.”

“I really don’t know all the details, but it’s just something I’ve got to play through,” Jefferson said. “I don’t like needles, so it was very uncomfortable for me. I got one right when it happened. From a scale from 1-to-10, it [the pain] was probably a 6. Then I got one at halftime and it felt a lot better in the third quarter. We’re just hoping to keep it at that level going into Wednesday.”

Now that’s the type of leadership and dedication that can turn a franchise around. Charlotte chances of beating the Heat are slim to begin with and would be non-existent if Jefferson isn’t on the floor.

If Jefferson can fight through the pain in his foot and give the Bobcats 18-22 points a night, they have a chance. For a team that’s seen more losing seasons than success in their brief history, a chance could be all they need to believe that they can pull off the impossible.


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