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Wichita State Wins Conference Tournament to Go 34-0, Gets Misprinted Championship Shirt

03/10/2014 at 2:49 am By

Wichita State shirtsWichita State has had one of the most remarkable college basketball seasons that the sport has ever seen. With a victory on Sunday afternoon in the Missouri Valley Conference Tournament Championship game over Indiana State.

Someone forgot to tell whoever made their championship t-shirts, though.

The top picture is the back of the Shockers’ shirts that they were given, showing Indiana State as the ones who emerged victorious out of the bracket.

Wichita State point guard probably offered the best quote on the matter, though, saying, “We won, so we’ve got the t-shirts on and they don’t get to wear them today.”

That’s right Shockers; no matter what the shirts on your back say, you’re 34-0 and you’re going dancing.

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One Comment

  1. Gary Fletcher

    on 03/11/2014 - Reply

    It’s ridiculous that someone who prints t-shirts for a living made such a screw-up.I could understand mis-spelling once in a great while;but to get the wrong team, that’s just plain stupid.In that kind of business,you have to double check everything,or you will risk wasting money or losing customers. I think that they should re-print the t-shirts and write it off as a loss.I would refuse to pay for such a lazy, half-assed job. It’s reprint,refund or small claims court.

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