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WATCH: Nevada’s Deonte Burton throws down NCAA monster dunk of the year

03/06/2014 at 8:13 am By

deonte burtonMeet Deonte Burton. Burton, originally from Los Angeles, is a 6-1 senior point guard for the Nevada Wolf Pack and is currently one of the better under-the-radar NBA prospects in college basketball. Chances are unless you’re a die-hard college hoops fan, you’ve never heard much of him.

Since Burton is relatively unknown, he took full advantage of an opportunity to introduce himself to the national stage with this MONSTER dunk on some poor kid from Boise State. Watch:

Good grief, that was just mean. Now let’s watch it over and over again in slow motion and from multiple angles:

It looks just as vicious no matter how many times you watch it. Burton is averaging just a hair under 20 points per game for the Wolf Pack and should pick some buzz as we get closer to the NBA Draft in June. Unfortunately for him, Nevada isn’t very good so their chances of playing deep into March and April are slim.

For now, we can expect to see Burton’s huge dunk on highlight reels throughout the remainder of the season and beyond.


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