Paul George says he wants LeBron to be his mentor

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shake1.0_standard_709.0Indiana Pacers guard/forward Paul George is on the brink of super stardom. It’s only fitting that he would want the NBA’s premier player to help him reach that status.

In a recent interview with Basketball Insiders, George expressed his interest in having LeBron mentor him.

“It would be great to be able to pick his brain, pick his mind and just talk about the game because I think he’s a player that can help me get to the next level and continue to keep going to the next level,” George told Basketball Insiders. “I wish some day we have that relationship where he is someone I can talk to—not during the season because I’m too competitive during the season—but maybe in the summertime.

“All-Star Weekend, he gave me a couple words and every time I do run into him he gives me a couple words,” George said. “He’s a player as well that I look up to and wish would mentor me.”

George has taken his game to another level this season after a breakout 2012-2013 campaign that ended in the Eastern Conference Finals to James and the Heat. During that series, James acknowledged George as one of the NBA’s rising stars and the two shared a mutual respect for each other.

It’s great to see a young player like Paul George embracing the opportunity to learn from the best in the game. If you want to be the best you have to beat the best, and the best way to beat the best is to find out how they approach the game mentally and physically.

Paul George is on his way, and his desire to learn from the NBA’s number one player is another indicator of just how much he wants to be among the league’s elite.

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