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Kentucky coaches, athletic director got $330k in bonuses from Aaron Harrison’s game winner

03/31/2014 at 8:43 am By

oNBmq.AuSt.79When Aaron Harrison buried a last-second three pointer to lift Kentucky over Michigan, a trip to the Final Four wasn’t the only reward. The Final Four berth landed Kentucky’s coaches and athletic director close to $330,000 in bonuses, per a report from USA Today’s Steve Berkowitz:

The information is pretty accurate and can be confirmed by viewing the contracts of the coaching staff, which are all available online. Here’s the breakdown per Deadspin:

Head coach John Calipari gets a $150,000 bonus. This amount is added on top of the two $100,000 bonuses that Calipari already received when Kentucky reached the Sweet Sixteen and Elite Eight.

Assistant coach Kenneth Payne gets a bonus equal to two months salary. Payne makes $350,00 a year, so his bonus will end up being about $58,333.

Assistant coach John Robic also gets a bonus equal to two months salary. He makes $300,000 a year, so he’ll get an extra $50,000.

Same deal for assistant coach Orlando Antigua, who makes $275,000 a year. His bonus will be $45,833.

Athletics director Mitch Barnhart will get a $25,000 bonus, in addition to the $25,000 bonus he got when Kentucky mad it into the tournament.

I guess that further explains why Calipari looked as if he had just won the lottery Sunday evening. Because he did.

For all of those who don’t think collegiate student-athletes should be paid, maybe it’s time to revise your train of thought. Schools make money in boatloads off of the players efforts and get royally rewarded for it, why aren’t the student-athletes compensated as well?

The NCAA system for compensating players has been proven to be a broken system time and again. It’s needs to be revised. If not, eventually these kids that fuel the system will begin to take their talents to semi-pro leagues where they can be paid fairly for their hard work rather than watching the schools get rich off of the athlete’s accomplishments.


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