Modell’s Sporting Goods blew $500,000 on Patriots AFC Championship gear

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Like that shirt? Too bad you can’t get one unless you’re living in a third world country where this, and $500,000 worth of gear like it, are heading after the Pats fell to the Broncos 26-16 in the AFC title game.

Modell’s Sporting Goods bet big that New England would go into Denver and win, so much so that they had a bunch of their Patriots championship gear on the shelves the day before the game was even played. Of course they didn’t, and Modell’s was left with a ton of clothing that seemed rather silly.

From the Boston Herald

“We took a tremendous risk, but you know what? People expect us to have the merchandise,” CEO Mitch Modell said. “We printed up everything: hats, shirts, T-shirts, novelties, pennants — you name it — for men, women, kids.”

Unfortunately for Modell’s those men, women and kids will be living in a third world country where the clothing will be donated, as the sporting goods store is not allowed to sell the  merchandise.

“We’re not allowed to sell it,” a source told the Boston Herald.

I understand why Modell’s wanted to have the Pats AFC Championship gear on the shelves as soon as possible, but maybe they could have scaled it back a bit, maybe waited to see if the demand exceeded the supply. At least it would have saved them a few hundred grand.

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