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Kobe Bryant Calls Rajon Rondo An A-Hole, Rondo Feels “the Same Way About Him”

01/18/2014 at 8:23 am By

Rondo kobeRajon Rondo returned to action for the Boston Celtics on Friday night, his first taste of an NBA game since January of 2013. Wouldn’t you know it, he returned against the Celtics’ storied rivals, the Los Angeles Lakers.

Rondo played only 19 minutes and had a solid night with eight points, four assists, two rebounds and two steals on 4-9 shooting, though he did miss the potential game-tying three-point attempt in the 107-104 loss for Boston.

The fun part of the night arose from the exchanging of compliments between Kobe Bryant and Rondo. Prior to the game, Kobe talked on Rondo and him dealing with the Celtics’ rebuild, saying, “From what I understand he’s an asshole like me, so he’ll manage.” After the game, Rondo was asked about the comments and had this to say:

You have to love to star NBA players passive-aggressively insulting one another while also having respect at the same time. That attitude is one of the reasons these guys are great. It’s also good to have the always entertaining Rondo back in action.

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