Infographic breaks down injuries suffered during 2013 NFL season

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They are part of football, like zone blitzes, play action passes, and naked bootlegs. Each year teams are forced to take the field at various points during the season without their full compliment of players due to injuries taking a toll on the roster. Some are minor while others end seasons, resulting in extensive rehabilitation.

In 2013 we saw household names like Aaron Rodgers (collarbone), Steven Jackson (hamstring), Clay Matthews (thumb), Ed Reed (hip), Jared Allen (ankle), J.J. Watt (elbow), and Adrian Peterson (hamstring) appear on the injury report for their respective teams with ailments.

The Wall Street Journal put together this infographic detailing the locations of over 1,300 sustained injuries during the 2013 NFL season, which was shared by Kami Mattioli of Sporting News.



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