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Darrelle Revis thinks Richard Sherman put himself ahead of the team

01/23/2014 at 1:28 pm By

richard shermanDarrelle Revis — the cornerback many considered the best in the NFL before Richard Sherman played (and talked) his way into the title — believes that Sherman put himself ahead of his Seahawks teammates during his post game interview last Sunday.

“I didn’t think that was good on his part,” Revis told the Tampa Bay Times. “If you listen to what the reporter asked him, it was nothing about him, it was about the team, and he put himself ahead of the team.

“Other than that, he’s an entertainer. … He talks. He probably talks in his sleep. I thought he shouldn’t have said all that.”

Revis and Sherman have a long history of conflict, dating back to early 2013 when Sherman took to Twitter to proclaim that he was the superior cornerback to Revis. They haven’t gotten along since.

Richard Sherman’s outburst has been the talk of the first week leading up to the Super Bowl and a topic of much conversation, but let’s look at it from all sides. Sherman had just made arguably the biggest play of the game and got shoved by 49ers receiver Michael Crabtree — the same receiver Sherman made the game-clinching play against. He was on an emotional high, and his emotions came through in the interview with Erin Andrews.

That’s what happens when you come from a place like where Sherman comes from and you make it to the top of your profession. Richard Sherman is no thug. He’s human. And given the moment, he had every right to be as brash as he wanted to be.


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