Broncos’ Robert Ayers and Mike Adams rent out Hackensack Hooters for Super Bowl party

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What do you do if you’re playing in the Super Bowl and you have more family than tickets to the game? If you’re New Jersey natives Robert Ayers and Mike Adams of the Broncos you rent out the Hooters restaurant in Hackensack and throw a big bash for your family and friends, because why not?

From NJ.com

“Unfortunately, the NFL, they limit us to how many [tickets] you can buy. So you can’t buy tickets for everybody. Plus, they’re not cheap,” said Ayers, who grew up in Jersey City and played football at Hoboken High School. “So we have a little bar set up for my family to watch and they’re going to watch and enjoy the game from there.”

Hooters is as good a place as any, I guess. Kind of overrated if you ask me, but that’s just one man’s opinion.

“I figured they have good food and, you know … I’m just joking,” Ayers said with a smile. “It’s just a great sports bar and a nice place for our families to go enjoy the game.”

I’m sure Ayers was referring to clean bathrooms. Yeah that’s it, clean bathrooms. Because if there’s one thing Hooters is famous for, it’s their spotless facilities.

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