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Video: Wright State’s Jerran Young With the Sick Finish Off Inbounds Alley-Oop

12/20/2013 at 6:50 am By

WrightIt seems like at least a bi-weekly occurrence nowadays that a college basketball player is doing something that makes the basketball-watching part of the country’s collective jaw drop and collective exclamation go ‘DAMN!”

On Thursday, Wright State’s Jerran Young took the honors of making us all do that with this play off of an inbounds pass:

Though it often doesn’t work out, dunks that come off of badly placed oops always look so much better. That pass wasn’t necessarily behind Young, but he certainly had to catch it rather strangely. The catch only allowed him to essentially cock it back and bring down the mighty power of Zeus, Thor and other hyperbolic god figures, though.

Well done, young man.

H/T to FTW.

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