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Video: Dez Bryant walks off field following game-deciding Romo interception

12/16/2013 at 6:13 am By

dez-bryant-walks-offThe narrative with the Dallas Cowboys is that they are a talented yet dysfunctional team that can’t win big games when it counts. Quarterback Tony Romo fits that bill perfectly, as statistically Romo is one of the top QB’s in the NFL yet can’t seem to put it all together in December.

The latest chapter of the Cowboys epic comedy of late-game of errors came Sunday evening, when Romo threw an interception with Dallas up 36-31 late against the Green Bay Packers. Watch the animation courtesy of SB Nation:

romopickRomo then proceeded to throw yet another interception on the Cowboys next possession and trailing 37-36. The pick came on a play where Romo checked out of a run and with just over a minute left, all but ending the game. Following the play, Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant was seen walking to the locker room alone with 1:21 left on the clock before the final whistle, as seen in the image above andv video immediately below:

After the game, Bryant sent this tweet explaining why he walked off the field:

Bryant may have been emotional, but there’s no excuse for him heading to the lockers instead of sticking the rest of the game out with his teammates. The great individual game Bryant had (11 catches, 155 yards and a TD) got overshadowed by his sideline antics, something that could have been avoided.

While Romo will most certainly be the fall guy in the loss — and deservedly so — but Bryant’s actions shouldn’t be excused. If you can win as a team, Dallas needs to lose as a team as well.



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  1. Dave / New Mexico

    on 12/16/2013 - Reply

    I’m glad Tom Landry doesn’t have to witness what the Cowboy’s franchise has become…PATHETIC !!!

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