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Video: Andrea Bargnani takes one of the dumbest shots ever

12/19/2013 at 8:06 am By

The-Knicks-bench-immediately-after-Andrea-let-it-fly.-Screencap-via-SB-Nations-Seth-RosenthalWednesday night the New York Knicks were locked in a close game with the Milwaukee Bucks, and had an opportunity to put the game away in overtime before Andrea Bargnani decided to take one of the most ill-advised shots you’ll ever see.

Knicks center Tyson Chandler secured an offensive rebound with the Knicks up by two and less than 15 seconds on the clock in overtime and kicked the ball back out to Bargnani, who was camped out around the three point line. Bargnani then decided to do the unthinkable; take the three instead of trying to run out the clock. Watch:

Of course, the Bucks were able to force a second overtime following Bargnani’s shot. The Knicks were lucky enough to pull out the win in double overtime, thanks to 29 points from Anthony. But Bargnani did his best to give the game away.


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