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Video: All 21 of Portland Trail Blazers’ Threes to Set Franchise Record

12/15/2013 at 2:29 am By

Blazers threesThe Portland Trail Blazers, the team with the most productive offense in the NBA right now, faced off with the Philadelphia 76ers, a team with a bottom-five defense, on Saturday night. That ended about how you would expect, with the Blazers putting up a ridiculous 139 points in a victory.

On their way to that impressive scoring mark, the highest by any team in the league this season, the Blazers set a team record by hitting on 21 of their three-point attempts. Here’s all 21 of those makes:

The Blazers currently lead the league in points per 100 possessions, three-point percentage and threes made per game. On their way to making 21, they hit on 56.8 percent of their attempts. With their offense performing and hitting at those clips, it’s no wonder they’re at 20-4 to start the year.

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