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Video: Tyler Hansbrough was ready to tussle until he realized it was with Metta World Peace

10/22/2013 at 5:50 am By

Hansbrough mettaTyler Hansbrough may not be the player in the NBA most revered for his skill, but let it never be said that he doesn’t play the game of basketball with a ton of fire.

On Monday night, the fiery forward and his Toronto Raptors were taking on the New York Knicks. After a physical play down low, Hansbrough was ready to confront somebody—that is until he turned around and found out it was Metta World Peace that had made contact with him:


As netw3rk pointed out, Hansbrough definitely had a change of heart right there.

Let it never be said that Hansbrough doesn’t play with a lot of fire, but let it also be said that Hansbrough knows that when it’s Metta, you just walk away.

H/T to ProBasketballTalk.

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