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Video: Kings guard Isaiah Thomas banks in circus shot vs. Warriors

10/24/2013 at 6:38 am By

isaiah thomas circusThe Sacramento Kings are expecting a potential breakout season from young, small guard Isaiah Thomas. Thomas certainly has shown the ability to be an explosive scorer and playmaker already, so the Kings are looking for him to take the next step and become a more consistent force.

I’m not sure if this play would qualify as something they want to see consistently from Thomas, but it’s definitely quite impressive:


Before we talk about the absurdity of the shot that he threw up there, let’s appreciate the fact that the shot was only necessary because he shook Steph Curry so badly that he fell down.

The shot itself, your run-of-the-mill barely on his feet, off-balanced, banked in three from the wing, probably isn’t one that Thomas should make a living off of taking. Let’s just say he should probably quite while he’s a solid 1-1 on those attempts.


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