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Video: Heat’s Michael Beasley punched himself in the head in frustration, had to receive treatment

10/11/2013 at 8:08 am By

Beasley punchOver his career in the NBA, Michael Beasley has proven that he might not be the smartest player to ever be in the league. Whether it’s his shot selection or his off the court troubles, B-Easy has made some questionable decisions.

On Thursday as the Heat, Beasley’s new team, faced off with the Detroit Pistons, Beasley may have made his dumbest move yet.

Beasley got called for a travel at one point and literally started beating himself up over, seen here:

You see him punching himself in the head right there? Well it turns out that Beasley punched himself in the head so hard that he had to receive treatment after the game, per Heat beat writer Joseph Goodman.

I sincerely hope Beasley can get his life in order in a good situation with the Heat, but that doesn’t mean some of the stupid things that he does still aren’t absolutely hilarious.

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One Comment

  1. bob

    on 10/11/2013 - Reply

    Mike, PLEASE…..use a gun next time and save us all a headache

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