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Video: Footage from Dwight Howard’s first scrimmage with Houston Rockets

10/03/2013 at 3:13 pm By

Dwight Rockets first scrimmageDid you think that you were going to have to wait until at least the first preseason game to see Dwight Howard working with the Houston Rockets? If so, you would be wrong.

Seen here is footage from the Rockets’ first scrimmage of training camp, which also doubles as Dwight’s first official scrimmage with the Rockets:

Here’s my quick recap: What is going on with Aaron Brooks’ hair? Dwight actually does hit free throws in practice, who knew? Terrence Jones looks like a superstar. I was going to make fun of Jeremy Lin wearing sleeves until I realized James Harden was, too. Even the Rockets use hack-a-Howard in practice.

Everyone caught up now? Good.

Howard definitely looked like he had a bit of rust on him, but he looks healthy and made some solid plays. There’s still a lot we have to learn about this Rockets team going forward, but it’s fun to get an early look.

H/T to Reddit user IAmDwyaneWade.

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