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Thomas Robinson cited for doing 107 mph in 55 mph zone on Friday

10/27/2013 at 11:02 am By

Thomas Robinson speedingSecond-year forward Thomas Robinson is looking to finally stick with a team in the NBA. Through his rookie season and the summer after, Robinson has already been traded twice, but he’s hoping to carve out a consistent role with the Portland Trail Blazers this season.

Before the regular season is underway, though, Robinson is already off to a bad start.

According to a report from The Oregonian, Robinson was cited for a traffic violation on Friday Oct. 25. It was no normal traffic citation, though, as Robinson was reportedly driving 107 mph on a stretch of Interstate 5 where the speed limit is only 55 mph.

At the time he was clocked at those break-neck speeds, Robinson was driving a 2013 Porsche Panamera. I guess the temptation of having a nice, fast car was too much for the forward.

This obviously has nothing to do with basketball really and is, more or less, just a young guy driving his fast car entirely too fast. Going forward all you can really say to Robinson if you’re the Blazers is slow down, young man.

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