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Seton Hall men’s, women’s basketball coaches will face Kobayashi in hot dog eating contest

10/21/2013 at 3:46 pm By

seton hall hot dogsBefore the college basketball season truly gets underway, college basketball teams and coaches will do just about anything to get their fans excited about the upcoming season (see: Tom Izzo being shot out of a cannon).

Both the men’s and women’s coaches at Seton Hall may have come up with the most spectacular way to get their fans excited ever, though. It may not be spectacular in terms of a bunch of flash and grandeur, but it’s going to be high-quality entertainment.

Per a report from ForTheWin over at USA Today, the Seton Hall coaches will compete in a hot dog eating contest along with competitive eating legend, Kobayashi.

I have no idea why hot dog eating contests and basketball are related, but I’m too excited to see this to care to ask.

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