Really Old Pittsburgh Pirates Usher Is Super Awesome

10/02/2013 at 11:52 am By

Photo Credit: @etchysketch Twitter

Photo Credit: @etchysketch Twitter

I am not anti-old people, but truth be told those decomposing corpses of theirs scare the heck out of me. Still, because I am a solid member of the human species, every once in awhile an old person will come along and steal my heart. Case in point, a 95-year-old usher for the Pittsburgh Pirates.

So you can soak it all in, here is the footage:

Man, those news anchor people are really selling the fact that this guy is old. I get it, news anchor guy. He is so old that he worked at some (now defunct) baseball field.

It should also be noted, that in that same video, a man named Kelley Garrison is not doing an impression of the head coach for the New England Patriots.

The Bleacher Report has an in-depth look at the usher, Phil Coyne. If you’re really into reading about old people, I suppose you should check it out.

I do, however, question his allegiance to whatever country he calls home. He is clearly a fan of America’s pastime, but he is wearing a hat that would suggest he is not taking the government shutdown too kindly. But whatevs, man — he’s old. Give that guy — someone’s great, great grandpapi — a pass.

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