Navy-Air Force Game Possible Collateral Because of Government Shutdown

10/02/2013 at 11:37 am By

air-force-navy-footba_hasc_s640x629As everyone and their (respective) mothers already knows the United States government has shutdown. That is a very big deal that — one would think — has very little to do with college football. Alas, those pesky folks from Washington are going to alter it one way or another. Really, they may change the way that one of the last true college football rivalries are played. As in, not having a Navy vs Air Force game, at all.

Long story short. Something about a bill becoming a law, then the Supreme Court saying the law is Constitutional just wasn’t enough for some folks in Washington. The collateral damage (from, essentially, egos being hurt and spitting in the face of America) is millions of people being hurt. It also, not as important but relevantly speaking, may take a big time college football game off the docket.

A decision has to be made by this Thursday at noon as to what exactly will happen with all service programs. For the time being, however, they are all in shutdown mode. This is unfortunate for the kids, who will later serve their country while always possibly giving the biggest sacrifice possible, who might not be able to play in the biggest college game of their careers.

Regardless of which side you fall on with the government shutdown; Washington altering the way sports goes about doing its thing is about as much fun as being curb-stomped by a chubby fella. Here is to hoping that somehow, magically, the people in charge of all things crazy-in-Washington fixes this.

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