Josh Freeman Headed To The Minnesota Vikings

10/07/2013 at 6:51 am By


Josh Freeman won. No, honestly. The much maligned (but only be his former team, head coach) QB is winning not only at football, but in the realm of financial gain.

Well, Freeman might exactly be winning on the football field, although, some of that might change in the relative near future. According to multiple reports, Freeman is about to take his talents to the Minnesota Vikings.

The deal is reportedly for one season and three million dollars. No word on whether or not a drug-boat-sex party is a part of the deal or if Freeman will be legally allowed to dress up as Greg Schiano for Halloween.

In short, the pickup by the Vikings probably means the end of the depressing Christian Ponder era. I mean, if your choices are Christian Ponder and nearly anyone — anyone will usually win (unless you are the current Vikings’ backup. Sorry Matt Casssel, McLeod Bethel-Thompson and even now WR, Joe Webb).

Hooray for football! Hooray for Josh Freeman!

Boo Greg Schiano! Bad Greg Schiano! I am sure this will somehow comeback to haunt you because Karma.

It's a biatch.

It’s a biatch.


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