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If he’d continued with football, Nate Robinson thinks he’d be one of NFL’s best corners

10/21/2013 at 4:10 pm By

Nate Robinson Nuggets footballThere are plenty of negative things you could find to say about newly signed Denver Nuggets guard Nate Robinson. You could criticize his shot-selection, his attitude at times, and his defensive abilities. You can never say that he doesn’t believe in himself, though.

Robinson is certainly one of the most confident players in the league and his play often reflects that. Basketball isn’t the only sport that he’s confident about his abilities in, though. He’s also quite high on himself on the gridiron.

In an interview with the Believe the Hype podcast (as transcribed by Dan Devine of Yahoo!’s Ball Don’t Lie), Robinson said that he believes that had he stuck with his football career (he played one year at Washington) that he would not only be in the NFL, but would be “one of the best corners the NFL has ever seen.”

I’m not one who’s able to accurately predict how an athlete would translate from sport to sport, but with Robinson’s leaping ability and quickness, he could possibly be a solid NFL corner, One of the best the league has ever seen, though? Well that’s just Nate being Nate.

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