Braves player boycotted Chipper Jones ceremonial first pitch

10/08/2013 at 9:23 am By

chipper-jones-first-pitch-big-dlChipper Jones, who is one of the greatest players in Atlanta Braves history and a sure-bet to make the Hall of Fame, threw of the first pitch of the Braves-Dodgers playoff series last week.

But instead of a player receiving the pitch, Jones had to throw to the Braves’ mascot because none of the current players volunteered to catch the pitch from Jones. Why? Because apparently the team chose to boycott Jones’ first pitch after he picked the Dodgers to win the series.

Jones’ prediction turned out to be impeccably accurate, as the Dodgers eliminated Atlanta in four games, but that was irrelevant to the players, who undoubtedly must have felt betrayed by their former teammate. My guess is that there’s some unwritten rule or code that says that former players aren’t supposed to pick against the team that they spent 20 years representing, even if that team’s chances of winning aren’t in their favor.

I’d bet that none of this matters to Chipper, who comes across as the type of guy that couldn’t care less about what people, even former teammates, think about him or his opinion:

I, for one, agree with Chipper on this one.

photo courtesy of CBS NY


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