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Suns release Michael Beasley

09/03/2013 at 12:07 pm By

michael beasleyMichael Beasley has gone from heralded high NBA draft pick to character risk bust in quite a short period of time. According to a report from NBA insider Marc Stein, the Phoenix Suns are set to part ways with the former 2008 second overall pick as early as this week:

Beasley is on course to be a free agent by the end of this week, sources close to the process told ESPN.com. The Phoenix Suns are planning to release Beasley in the wake of his recent arrest on suspicion of marijuana possession, sources told ESPN.com, and are likely to officially make the move this week.

Shortly after Stein’s report, the Suns made the move official via their Twitter feed:

Beasley, 24, has repeatedly had run ins with law enforcement for his affection for marijuana, a habit that he has yet been able to kick in his five-year NBA career to day. The Miami Heat selected Beasley #2 behind Derrick Rose after Beasley started for Kansas State, but his career has been spirally downward since being traded to the Timberwolves in 2010. This past season with the Suns was Beasley’s worst to date, as the 6’9″ forward averaged a career-low 10.1 points per game and shot .405 in mostly a reserve role for the Suns. Phoenix signed Beasley to a three-year, $18 million contract last summer.

There’s a slight chance that some team will take a risk on bringing the talented forward in for next season, but it would be a long shot. Unless Beasley can get it together, he may quickly find himself out of the NBA all before the age of 25.


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  1. vernon

    on 09/04/2013 - Reply

    Prosperity just isn’t for everyone no matter what kind of talent you have.

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