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RGIII says he will run more to spark Redskins offense

09/18/2013 at 5:51 pm By

robert griffin IIIThe Washington Redskins have been primarily a one-dimensional offense over their first two games of the season, mainly due to them falling behind early and been in a pass-heavy offense and resulting in Robert Griffin III playing a drop-back passer role. So many drop backs has led to Griffin having only nine rushing attempts for 25 yards in the two games.

Griffin, who ran with the football 120 times last year, says that he is prepared to run more, if it will help spark the offense.

“I can run more,” Griffin said. “I’ll do whatever we have to do to win the game. That’s always been my mindset. I’m the quarterback. If I have to create that energy, if I have to spit a rap line in the huddle, I’ll do it. Whatever it takes to get that energy.”

Griffin’s teammate Pierre Garcon said on radio earlier this week that the bulky brace RGIII is wearing to protect his reconstructed right knee may be hindering Griffin’s speed, but the quarterback says the brace or the health of his knee are not the reasons for his lack of rushing attempts so far.

“The plays are in, they’re ready to run, and I’m ready to run them,” Griffin said. “We just haven’t had a chance to do them because we’ve fallen behind too much.

“It’s not going out and running to prove other people wrong or prove other people right,” Griffin said. “You have to do it when the time arises, and I haven’t had those opportunities in those first two games. Hopefully I’ll get that opportunity in this game and it will be a spark for our team.”

Redskins head coach Mike Shanahan agrees that the brace isn’t necessarily holding Griffin back.”I’ve seen in practice that he’s got some pretty good speed,” Shanahan said. “Is it the same speed it was before? I can’t tell you that, but I do know it’s a much different game when you get behind by 20, 30 points.”

Whether Griffin is healthy to run more or not, the Redskins need to find a way to move to football early in games. Not only are they giving up leads early, the offense is also just 5-21 on third down so far this season. Teams are playing man defense and sending blitzes that challenge Griffin to run, which he has been reluctant to do up to this point.

Griffin is still a good quarterback, but his ability to run is what makes him a great QB. If Griffin’s knee is indeed healthy, he needs to get back to being the play maker outside of the pocket that rushed for an NFL rookie quarterback record 815 yards last year and made the Redskins offense so potent.


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