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Jaguars ‘fans’ to hold rally urging team to sign Tim Tebow

09/16/2013 at 9:26 am By

jags tebowNow this is funny… According to a report from “The Worldwide Leader“, a pack of Jacksonville Jaguars fans are planning to stage a rally Monday encouraging the franchise to sign hometown hero Tim Tebow. Details:

The group of Jaguars fans have created a website, jags-tebow.com. The mission, according to the website:

“Make it clear, we the fans, want the Jacksonville Jaguars to bring in Tim Tebow. You know you want to see this happen.”

The rally will be held in the parking lot of Everbank Field at 3:16 pm ET, and is scheduled to last exactly three hours and sixteen minutes, the biblical scripture that Tebow would wear on his eye black while starring at QB for Florida. We can’t make this type of stuff up.

Let’s be honest here; if your fans are desperate enough to request that the team signs a quarterback that has been on three teams in four seasons and was cut by the New York Jets. who currently have one of the worst QB situations in the NFL, it might be time to stage an intervention. Or just sign Tebow and pray that he’s terrible enough to land the top draft pick and select Teddy Bridgewater.

It’s not as if Tebow could be much worse than Blaine Gabbert so what do the Jags have to lose except more games, which they’re going to do anyway?


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