Derrick Rose says he will be stronger and quicker this season than ever

09/19/2013 at 12:36 pm By

derrick roseIt’s been quite a while since Chicago Bulls star Derrick Rose has played in an NBA game; close to 18 months, to be exact. Rose sat all all of the 2012-2013 season while rehabbing a torn ACL, but that isn’t deterring Rose from believing that he will be better than ever when he returns to the court this upcoming season per a recent interview with Slam Magazine:

“With me, I was always kind of strong, but the way that I play, I hit tricky lay-ups and all of that stuff because going to the hole in my neighborhood, they don’t call any fouls, so I was just used to hitting all types of shots. Now this year, I got a little more strength behind me, so I think going to the hole, taking those shots, I’ll be able to finish a lot stronger this year.

“I think I’m a lot quicker, a lot more explosive, and I think I’m gonna go this year without that many nagging injuries, just trying to prevent it by stretching and doing all the things I have to do to take care of my body. When you first come in the League and you’re talented and you’re athletic, you don’t care about stretching or anything. But now it’s my sixth year, so you really have to look at that and take that more seriously so I can prevent all of the little injuries.”

Before his injury, Rose was already regarded as one of the strongest and quickest point guards in the NBA, so if he is indeed stronger and quicker as he claims, then the league is in for some trouble. One the flip side, Rose hasn’t played in a game against NBA competition in quite some time, so fans should taper their expectations until he gets his game rhythm back. We’ve already seen how layoffs caused by ACL injuries have affected players in other sports that rely heavily on their athletic ability (see RGIII so far this season).

Rose turns 25 in just over a month, so he has plenty of time to get his career back on track. His presence on the court makes the Bulls a contender, and he should be just fine in the long run.


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