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Controversial Mayweather-Alvarez judge C.J. Ross takes leave of absence

09/18/2013 at 10:23 am By

mayweatherC.J. Ross has been the subject of much scrutiny lately, and for good reason. Ross was the judge behind the 114-114 score of Floyd Mayweather’s majority decision over Canelo Alvarez on September 14th, a fight that Mayweather clearly dominated in every facet (personally, I had the fight 119-109 on my scorecard).

Coincidentally, Ross has taken a leave of absence from boxing, and could potentially be retiring after 22 years as a judge:

cj rossThe Las Vegas Review-Journal and television station KLAS reported Tuesday that Ross has told the Nevada State Athletic Commission she is stepping down indefinitely. KLAS reported Ross was to meet with Nevada State Athletic Commission Chairman Bill Brady on Tuesday to review her scorecard, in which she alone awarded Alvarez the first and eighth rounds.

“To her credit, she does not want to take away from the story, being what a dominate performance by Floyd Mayweather,” said Keith Kizer, the commission executive director who named Ross to the Mayweather-Alvarez panel. “So, she has asked us if she can take some time off; we’ve agreed. It shows the type of person she is. Bill was very understanding and supportive. He agreed that that was a great avenue to take.”

This isn’t the first major boxing event that Ross has submitted controversial scores for. Ross scored 2012’s welterweight championship match between Tim Bradley and Manny Pacquiao as a 115-113 win for Bradley that resulted in Pacquiao losing the belt in a decision that even Bradley assumed he had lost. Ross’s Boxrec resume as a judge is littered with other bouts that she somehow scored in heavy contrast to the other two judges.

The integrity of the sport of boxing has for years been in question, but Ross’s leave of absence should at least rid the sport of one judge who is under the microscope more than other for her questionable scorecards. Good riddance.


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  1. zhagerages

    on 09/18/2013 - Reply

    The CJ in C.J. Ross stands for “Can’t Judge’.

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