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Aldon Smith, Delanie Walker named in 2012 shooting lawsuit

09/07/2013 at 8:32 am By

Delanie-Walker-and-Aldon-Smith-593x34849ers linebacker Aldon Smith, and former Niner and now Titan Delanie Walker have both been named in the second alleged shooting lawsuit to be filed this week. The first suit filed from Ronndale Esportes filed Tuesday, claims that at a party in June of 2012 that Smith threw, Esportes was shot in the leg and received multiple lasting injuries.

In a second suit filed Thursday by an attorney for Aaron Reyes a reported friend of Esportes, claims almost the same thing. Reyes also claims in this suit that Delanie Walker who was also present at the party and Aldon Smith (who was also stabbed that night) knew there were known gang members at the party. The suit also claims of drugs being abused in the open.

It is tough to say what actually happened until all the facts are out, but this does not look, smell, or sound very good for Walker and Smith less than 48 hours until their respective season openers.


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