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Video: Mom punches skateboarder in face after he ran into her young son

08/21/2013 at 4:50 pm By

skateboarder punchSkateboarders get a pretty bad rap these days. Most people don’t associate skateboarding with “punk kids” more than they do people trying to make it to the X-Games or something like that.

Perhaps that’s part of the reason this mom was so pissed after a skateboarder seemingly accidentally ran into her son:

In defense of the skateboarder, he wasn’t looking and it’s not often that little children are just standing directly ahead of you while you’re skating. The guy also even stopped to check on the kid.

So yeah, it feels like the mom probably overreacted just a bit. In the interest of viewing pleasure, though, I’m glad she did.

H/T to Bleacher Report.

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