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GIF: Two Miami Marlins players sliding into third base at the same time

08/29/2013 at 9:54 am By

Marlins slide pic

The Miami Marlins aren’t the worst team in baseball with a 49-82 record (that dubious honor belongs to the Houston Astros), but they are the most woefully hilarious team in Major League Baseball.

Nothing sums up the Marlins’ season better than this play from their game on Wednesday night against the Washington Nationals:

Marlins slideYep, that’s Logan Morrison and Donovan Solano both sliding into third base. At the same time. That’s not right.

Morrison, the lead runner, was called out, but at least Solano was called safe. Solano actually scored on the next play, but the Marlins ended up adding to their loss total for the season, dropping the game by a score of 4-3.

Baseball in Miami, everybody!

H/T to Woeful Nats.

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