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20 NBA Teams Will Wear Sleeved Jerseys Next Season At Least One Time

08/05/2013 at 8:57 am By

NBA Sleeved jersey

The Golden State Warriors became the first team in the NBA to wear Adidas’ sleeved jerseys as an alternate uniform last season. It then became clear that Adidas and the league wanted to expand that.

In June, ESPN’s Darren Rovell reported that five teams would have the sleeved jerseys as an alternate choice. Apparently it’s not going to stop there, though.

According to recent reports from Steve Kyler of HoopsWorld, not only will the five teams wear the sleeved jerseys as regular alternates, but 20 NBA teams will wear the sleeved unis at least once this season, most of them on either the Christmas Day or St. Patrick’s Day games.

Though some might look at the sleeved jerseys as a trendy change, it more or less feels like a money-grab by teams and Adidas. Players have expressed their distaste for them. Fans have mocked them. But they’ll make some money off of them, so of course it’s happening.

H/T to SBNation.

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  1. Sportsmomdfw

    on 08/05/2013 - Reply

    I like the sleeved jerseys. They’re more fitted and the players look 10 times better in them. The NBA is the only league where players wear oversized shirts. Soccer, NFL, and volleyball players look so much better because their shirts are fitted. It’s a welcome change and I bet all women will say they like them better.

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