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Yankees GM Brian Cashman releases statement regarding Alex Rodriguez

07/24/2013 at 4:53 pm By

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Yankees GM Brian Cashman responded to reports that Alex Rodriguez received medical clearance from a doctor that was not authorized by the Yankees organization. Here is Cashman’s official statement on the ordeal:

“I heard via a text message this afternoon from Alex Rodriguez that he had retained a doctor to review his medical situation. In media reports, we have since learned that the doctor in question has acknowledged that he did not examine Mr. Rodriguez and that he was not retained to do a comprehensive medical examination of Mr. Rodriguez. Contrary to the Basic Agreement, Mr. Rodriguez did not notify us at any time that he was seeking a second opinion from any doctor with regard to his quad strain.

“As you know, it is the Yankees’ desire to have Alex return to the lineup as soon as possible. And we have done everything to try and accomplish this.

“As early as Friday, July 12, when I suggested to Alex that we move his rehab from Tampa to Triple-A Scranton (at Buffalo), Alex complained for the first time of “tightness” in his quad and therefore refused to consent to the transfer of his assignment. Again, last Sunday, Alex advised that he had stiffness in his quad and should not play on Sunday or Monday. We sent Alex to NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital for an MRI which evidenced a Grade 1 strain.

“As always, we will follow the rules and regulations set forth in the Basic Agreement, and will again re-evaluate Alex in Tampa tomorrow, as our goal is to return him to the lineup as soon as he is medically capable of doing so.”

The Yankees have said that Rodriguez’s call up will be delayed by a grade 1 quad strain, an injury that the doctor Rodriguez received a second opinion from says doesn’t exist. Cashman also noted that Rodriguez independently seeking a second medical opinion may have violated terms of MLB’s collective bargaining agreement.

I’m not sure who to side with on this one, but something tells me that Cashman isn’t being 100% truthful. Cashman has already said that A-Rod should “shut the f— up”¬†after Rodriguez tweeted in June that he was cleared to begin playing in games. The Yankees have every motive to keep Rodriguez out of the clubhouse at the moment, especially in the wake of the Ryan Braun suspension and Rodriguez in line to face a similar — if not more harsh — penalty for his involvement with the Miami Biogenesis clinic for PED use.

Could the Yankees be stalling Rodriguez’s call-up while MLB decides on his fate, and even trying to find a way out of paying Rodriguez the $100 mil they owe him? Possibly, but we won’t be learning the truth any time soon. This could get messy…


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