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Video: JaVale McGee is a human highlight reel at The Drew League

07/24/2013 at 6:48 am By

JaVale Drew League

If you ask most NBA fans, JaVale McGee is still best known for his time with the Washington Wizards and personifying the knucklehead-era of our nation’s capital’s basketball team.

However, there’s no denying the physical prowess and gifts of McGee, especially when it comes to his leaping ability. While playing at the Drew League in Los Angeles, McGee has been putting up some highlights, seen here:

It’s always fun to see JaVale putting people on posters in the land and almost hitting his head on the rim in transition, but the alley-oop he throws in mid-air in that highlight package is probably the most impressive thing he did. Incredible mix of skill and athleticism on that one.

And if McGee highlights don’t do it for you, we’ll always have his top 10 stupid plays:

Keep doing you, Pierre.

H/T to ProBasketballTalk.

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