Raiders take 24 from Tracy Porter, give it to Charles Woodson

07/24/2013 at 3:50 pm By

charles woodson tracy porterIn NFL training camp news, it appears as if Tracy Porter — who joined the Oakland Raiders a free agent in April — is losing the #24 he had a stranglehold on to Raiders great Charles Woodson, who also signed with the team this off-season — in May to be exact. Porter sent this tweet Wednesday afternoon (screenshot provided in case Porter tries to delete the original tweet):

tracy porter tweet


Woodson wore #24 for eight seasons with the Raiders after the team drafted him fourth overall in 1998 but was unable to negotiate the number away from Porter. Apparently the team stepped in and took matters into their own hands, and judging by the tweet Porter doesn’t seem too pleased about it.

From a marketing standpoint it makes more sense for Woodson to have the #24; fans that still have the jersey from his previous stint with Oakland can bring it out and the team can possibly retire the number for Woodson if/when he retires in the silver and black.

Seniority won out in the end. Tough break for Porter though. Should have just let Woodson pay him for the jersey number instead of losing it this way. Porter might need to work on his negotiation skills.


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  1. Marques

    on 07/25/2013 - Reply

    The Raiders do not retire jersey numbers.

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