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Mike Vick’s brother Marcus puts a bounty on Riley Cooper

07/31/2013 at 4:28 pm By

marcus vickMaking a messy situation that much worse, Marcus Vick — younger brother of current Eagles QB Michael Vick — took to twitter to voice his opinion on Riley Cooper’s use of a racial slur¬†(edited, but the originals still appear to be live on his twitter feed):

marcus vick tweets


Marcus Vick had aspirations of playing in the NFL before legal issues and multiple arrests derailed his career before it started.¬†Cooper’s use of the slur may indeed have been out of line, but putting a public bounty on his head when your older brother is still on the same roster isn’t very bright.

Plus, are we even sure Marcus Vick has $1k of his own to waste at the moment? Michael may want to give his baby bro a call and advise him to chill out a bit.


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