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Doctor says Alex Rodriguez does NOT have a quad injury

07/24/2013 at 10:45 am By

alex rodriguezUh oh…. according to a doctor that has examined New York Yankees high-profile third baseman Alex Rodriguez, Rodriguez does not have a quad injury that reportedly has kept him from the majors this season:

Rodriguez is in line to be the next player to be suspended for his connection with the Miami-based Biogenesis clinic that was supplying PEDs to over 20 players. Rodriguez has missed the entire season while recovering from hip surgery before a reported grade 1 quad strain kept him from being called up to the majors earlier this week.

Whether Rodriguez is faking the injury to keep himself in hiding a little longer or not, he and the Yankees will soon have to face the music and tackle Rodriguez’s situation head on. Prolonging the inevitable will only make the media circus a lot worse.


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