Los Angeles Lakers hang giant banner to recruit Dwight Howard

06/26/2013 at 10:22 am By

dwight howardDwight Howard had his ups and downs in his first season with the Los Angeles Lakers. After coming back early from off-season back surgery, Howard struggled to regain his signature explosiveness while also adjusting to his role in Mike D’Antoni’s offense, but Howard was still able to average over 17 points and 11 rebounds for L.A.

The Lakers are starting their campaign to persuade Howard to re-sign with them this summer, beginning with this giant poster hanging outside of Staples Center in Los Angeles:

Reports are saying that the Houston Rockets are a likely destination for Howard, but I wouldn’t count out Los Angeles just yet. L.A. can offer a few things many other franchise cant: beautiful weather, a tradition of winning and an extra $30 million dollars in contract money. Those are all difficult perks for any player to pass up, even one as unpredictable as Dwight Howard.


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