LeBron comes to Danny Green’s defense on clubbing with the Heat incident

06/23/2013 at 11:33 am By

lebron-james-danny-green1-500x332After the Miami Heat won their second consecutive NBA championship Thursday night in Miami, San Antonio Spurs guard Danny Green faced a ton of criticism for ending up at the same club where the Heat were celebrating, and even was caught in a few pictures having a moment with LeBron (see above).

Green then took to Twitter to clarify his appearance in the club:

I believe Danny, but you have to admit that it does look a bit suspect that he showed up to the most popular club in Miami –where there are tons of bars — and didn’t realize the Heat were popping hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of bottles there.

Well, apparently Green’s former Cleveland Cavaliers teammate LeBron felt the need to come to Danny’s defense and posted this message on Twitter Sunday afternoon:

While unnecessary, this ma have been one of the classiest gestures LeBron has done since winning the title, especially considering that he playfully cursed out the media in the locker room and followed that up with gloating on Instagram Friday.

Would I have ended up as the same club as the team that just beat me for a championship? No, but I guess some people are just wired differently than others. On to the NBA offseason…


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