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Video: Canadiens goalie Carey Price loses tooth, skates over to give it to trainer

05/03/2013 at 6:30 pm By

Carey Price tooth

Hockey players lose their teeth; that’s the stereotype that goes with the sport and that is often backed up by the countless hockey players that are legitimately missing teeth.

However, it’s uncommon for goalies to find themselves in situations where they lose teeth. Montreal Canadiens goalie Carey Price found himself needing to pull a tooth out on Friday, though:

Price was hit in the mask by a skate from someone on the opposing Ottawa Senators, which apparently jarred the tooth loose. The best part is how calm he is about pulling it and just casually handing it to someone on the bench.

For the Canadiens to get a victory, though, I’d bet Price is willing to have a toothless grin for a while.

H/T to Eye on Hockey.

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