Twitter account of NBA great Bernard King deleted after criticism of Knicks & Carmelo Anthony

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Bernard King is one of the greatest players in NBA and New York Knicks history. He played for the Knicks from 1982-1987 and holds the franchise record for points per game in a season (32.9 in 1984-1985) and is second in team history in career points per game (26.5).

The man sitting third on the Knicks’ all-time list with a 26.0 ppg average is Carmelo Anthony, who has received his share of criticism over the years for not passing the basketball enough. Apparently, King is in agreement based on a few comments made as a result of the Knicks’ loss in game 1 of their second round playoff series versus the Indiana pacers, according to Frank Isola from the NY Daily News.

The first one on his Twitter account said “The Knicks MUST move the ball more and take the open shots – must stop heaving up bad shots because the shot clock is running out.”

The second read “if Carmelo’s shoulder is hurting that bad – work the paint – drive and dish – become a facilitator – it’s a TEAM game.”

The Twitter account for King (@30BernardKing), who does some broadcasting work for both MSG Network and NBA TV, was shut down shortly after the dispatches were posted. According to a published report, the Knicks claim King had allowed a friend to use his handle and that those posts did not reflect his “sentiment.”

A quick look at their career numbers show neither is/was much of a passer, but King does hold a razor thin advantage.

Bernard King

Carmelo Anthony

But since King didn’t say those things, allegedly, feel free to look their scoring numbers since that’s what they’re both known for.

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