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Peyton Manning shot 77 at Augusta National, hit hole-in-one this off-season

05/28/2013 at 8:04 am By

Peyton Tiger

Peyton Manning proved a lot of doubters wrong when he returned to the Denver Broncos last season after a number of neck surgeries and led his team to the NFL Playoffs. He made it clear that he’s one of the best quarterbacks of our generation.

Apparently he’s not too shabby on the links as well. According to an LA Times article and an article from Eye on Football, Manning shot a 77 this off-season at Augusta National, where the Masters is played, just five over par.

Shooting a round that some pros score during the Masters wasn’t all Manning did; according to the report, Manning also hit a hole-in-one in a round while playing at Castle Pines in Denver.

From the Eye on Football article:

The ace wasn’t actually the first of Manning’s career, and naturally he wasn’t excited at all about it. Wait. What?

“I made one in college, but I was with some buddies,” he said. “This was the first one I’d ever seen go in. In college, we looked in the bunker, the woods, everywhere, and somebody said, ‘It’s in the hole!’ It’s a little anticlimactic. But the guys I was playing with this time, they were so excited.

“I mean, I was excited, but you’ve seen me when I throw a touchdown; I’m kind of ho-hum. These guys went nuts.”

If there was one guy to have a “ho-hum” reaction to a hole-in-one, it would have to be Peyton, right?

It’s good to know that one of the most prolific quarterbacks in the last decade and change can also beat you on the golf course. As they say, the rich only get richer.

UPDATE: This article previously falsely stated that Manning hit his hole-in-one at Augusta. It is now fixed to say he hit it at Castle Pines in Denver. Thanks to commenter “Joe” for the catch.

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4 Comments so far

  1. Joe

    on 05/28/2013 - Reply

    I’m pretty sure the hole-in-one was not at Augusta, but at Castle Pines near Denver.

    • Joe

      on 05/28/2013 - Reply

      “Manning has done his share of relaxing this off-season too, and this month had a hole in one at Castle Pines Golf Club outside Denver. He was with a random threesome he joined for nine holes while waiting to play a round with Elway. He aced hole No. 7 from 166 yards with an eight-iron, one-hopping it directly into the cup.”

      • Cody Williams

        on 05/28/2013 - Reply

        Thanks Joe. Major oversight on my part. I gave you credit for the catch.

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